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Our Companies

Our Companies

Each of Trilogy International Partners’ operating companies has a unique, local brand with marketing and operating strategies tailored to fit its respective market. We leverage the expertise of our local management teams to create clear and compelling service offerings that are designed to meet the specific needs of their markets.


The keys to our success are a low cost structure and a disciplined approach to growing the business. The decline in infrastructure and handset equipment costs due to global volume has made system construction in poor areas not only possible, but profitable. Despite marketing and capital costs, we are still able to earn an attractive return on investment, and our wireless networks provide a foundation for new economic and social opportunities.

Viva (Bolivia)

A well-established, trusted brand, Viva boasts 2.2 million customers and continues to post solid financial results since launching in 2000. With a new 3G network in place, Viva is addressing the unmet demand for data in one of the lowest broadband-penetrated markets in the Western Hemisphere.

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2degrees (New Zealand)

After launching in August 2009 as the third wireless operator in the country, 2degrees acquired an impressive 69 percent share of net subscriber additions in the market in its first year and currently serves over a million customers. With numerous awards, including Carrier of the Year and Top Mobile Operator, 2degrees has transformed the New Zealand marketplace.

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