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Our History

A History of Success

Trilogy International Partners was founded in November 2005 by John Stanton, Terry Gillespie, and Brad Horwitz, who first met at McCaw Cellular and worked together there to build what by 1987 had become the largest wireless company in the U.S.


After leaving McCaw, the trio continued to pursue opportunities together and, over an 11-year period, successfully built Western Wireless Corporation (WWC) into one of the largest providers of rural wireless communication services in the United States and the largest American company operating wireless networks outside the U.S. The holdings of WWC’s international subsidiary, Western Wireless International, included businesses in Austria, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, the Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Bolivia, and Haiti. VoiceStream, another Western Wireless subsidiary created in 1994 to compete in U.S. urban markets, was spun off as a separate publicly traded company in 1999 and sold to Deutsche Telekom in 2001 to become what is now T-Mobile USA.


In 2005, Stanton and the Western Wireless board of directors negotiated the sale of Western Wireless to Alltel Corporation. Immediately thereafter, together with a small group of other investors, John, Terry, and Brad bought back the networks in Bolivia (Viva) and Haiti (Voilà) to form Trilogy International Partners (Trilogy).


In 2007, Trilogy acquired a Dominican Republic wireless system, now known as Trilogy Dominicana, from Centennial Corporation. One year after closing this transaction, Trilogy Dominicana unveiled its new brand, Viva, with its existing CDMA network overlaid and expanded with an improved GSM network.


In June 2008, Trilogy acquired 26 percent of New Zealand Communications Limited, a greenfield mobile wireless operator in New Zealand, now known as 2degrees. Trilogy has since increased its stake in the venture to 62.5 percent. 2degrees launched commercial service on its GSM network in August 2009.  In April 2015, 2degrees acquired Snap, Ltd., a local fixed-broadband service provider and launched commercially in May 2015.


On March 30, 2012, Trilogy sold its operating company in Haiti, doing business under the brand name Voilà, to the Digicel Group. Originally owned and developed by Western Wireless International, Trilogy’s management team had operated a network in Haiti since September 1999. Trilogy is widely recognized for bringing innovation to the country’s telecom sector, executing an award-winning corporate social responsibility program, and being the only wireless network that remained operational immediately following the devastating earthquake in January 2010, ultimately saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.


In the early part of 2016, Trilogy sold its operating company in the Dominican Republic.


To complement its international operations, Trilogy has developed its own billing and operations systems software programs, which are licensed to the operating companies in its portfolio via its subsidiary, Trilogy International Software, LLC, based in Bolivia.

Opportunities Ahead

We believe the wireless business will continue to grow rapidly in emerging markets because of the increasing functionality and affordability of wireless technologies as well as the rapid growth in revenue and wireless data consumption that we have seen in more developed countries. We believe this represents both a good business opportunity and the opportunity to help people. We will continue to pursue new investments while cost-effectively managing growth and investment in our current markets.