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Social Investment

Do Well by Doing Good

As a core value at Trilogy, we believe that doing well in business is about more than sales. We give back by investing in social programs where we can have a meaningful and sustainable impact in the communities where we operate. Our programs create jobs, improve education, and support development initiatives. In recognition of our efforts, Trilogy was honored with the U.S. State Department’s Award for Corporate Excellence by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009.

  • We were honored with the State Department’s 2009 “Award for Corporate Excellence” by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • We received “Featured Commitment” status at the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 for our Mobile Money launch in Haiti.

  • We received the 2011 “Canstar Award as the Top Mobile Operator” in New Zealand based on mobile service, price, reliability, accessibility, plan availability, and billing.

Entrepreneur/Job Creation

Trilogy International Partners

Job and income creation does more than improve living standards: it is a source of much-needed hope and dignity in impoverished communities. Our public telephony program in Bolivia is the largest job creation program in the country, providing direct income to over 17,000 families. In the Dominican Republic, we are working with microfinance organization Esperanza, to whom we provide grants to offer the entrepreneurially minded with the opportunity to work themselves out of poverty by starting or expanding small businesses. And in Haiti, we have supported NetHope Academy’s ICT Internship program, which prepares Haitian computer science students for full-time jobs while providing the nongovernmental organization community with IT specialists.


Trilogy International Partners

We believe that educating young people is the key to moving societies forward. Many of our companies are working with local organizations to promote education in underserved communities. In New Zealand, 2degrees is providing scholarships and internships to Māori students studying for ICT certification at Auckland University. In Bolivia, Viva created the Estás Vivo Foundation, which, among other programs, promotes equal opportunity within impoverished areas by providing free Internet connections in schools. And in Haiti, the Voilà Foundation invests in the country’s future leaders by working with organizations to rebuild schools and by funding one of the country’s largest educational scholarship programs.

Mobile Technology

Trilogy International Partners

We believe in the transformational power of wireless technology, particularly in the developing world, and we complement many of our social investment programs with new applications and services for commerce, health, and education. Trilogy’s Voilà launched Haiti’s first mobile money service within a year of the devastating earthquake of January 2010, providing nongovernmental organizations a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to pay cash-for-work recipients. In the Dominican Republic, we are customizing this mobile money platform to support the specific needs of microfinance organization Esperanza. And Trilogy’s software company in Bolivia created a first-of-its-kind SMS application for the Red Cross to enable geographically targeted text messages, revolutionizing the Red Cross’s ability to work with communities coping with disasters.