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Technology Solutions

Solutions That Meet Real Needs

The diversity of the markets we operate in compels us to innovate. We leverage our expertise in wireless communications to build custom technology solutions to meet the unique needs of each market we serve. These solutions create new revenue streams, foster economic development, build brand awareness, and support the efforts of international relief and development organizations such as the Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and others.

Mobile Money

Less than a year after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in Jaunary 2010, Trilogy’s Voilà launched the country’s first mobile money service, called T-Cash, enabling customers to use their phone as a “mobile wallet” to withdraw money, transfer it to friends or family, and pay for food and merchandise from a network of merchants. T-Cash also provided a platform for nongovernmental organizations to more effectively administer payroll services and cash-for-work programs.


In October of 2011, Voilà received the largest allocation—89%—of the first Scaling Award from the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative (HMMI), a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID. The award was in recognition of Trilogy’s leadership role in reaching the first “100,000 transactions milestone” and demonstrated the viability of using mobile money to extend banking services to rural and “unbanked” populations. Trilogy’s Viva is currently in the process of launching a similar mobile money service in Bolivia.

Public Telephony

Our Bolivian company, Viva, pioneered the introduction of wireless public telephone service through its Punto Viva product. The Punto program represents one of the largest job creation initiatives in Bolivia, with over 40,000 Punto agents across Bolivia earning money by selling local and international calls on our network via customized mobile phones that track call minutes used. The service provides connectivity to people who are unable to buy a mobile phone and makes Viva the largest pay phone operator in the country. The service was introduced in Haiti in 2006 as Toupatou, providing income to over 20,000 Haitians. Following the earthquake in 2010, Voilà expanded the program to reach the disabled population, providing an occupation and a source of income.


Immediately following the Haiti earthquake, our software subsidiary in Bolivia created a first-of-its-kind SMS application for the Red Cross in Haiti, enabling it to target text messages to customers in more specific geographic locations. The Trilogy Emergency Response Application (TERA) has transformed the organization’s ability to provide relief services. Based on its success in Haiti, Trilogy has granted the Red Cross a free license to deploy TERA globally.


2degrees launched the first commercial payment system in New Zealand that uses a smartphone in place of “Snapper” payment cards accepted by all major public transportation providers and over 500 retail shops in Wellington and Auckland. The partnership between Snapper and 2degrees is the first application of near-field communication (NFC) technology in New Zealand and allows users to make payments by simply holding the smartphone up against a payment terminal. Balances can be topped up by using a credit card. In addition, owners can transfer money from the Snapper account on their smartphone to other Snapper cards by holding the card against their phone and keying in the transfer.

Customized Language Phone

In New Zealand, Trilogy’s 2degrees joined with its Māori partner, Hautaki Trust, to launch the world’s first Te Reo Māori (Māori language) smartphone. This innovation ensures that the Māori culture and language are embraced by modern information and communications technology.